The Empire District Gas Company

Energy-Saving Audits

The energy audit incentive will only be provided to a customer that qualifies for a rebate under the prescriptive or custom rebate program. The incentive offer will be 50% of the cost of the audit with a maximum which is structured as follows:
  • $275 per building under 25,000 sq. ft.
  • $375 for buildings over 25,000 sq. ft.
There will be a limit of three buildings per customer per year for audit incentives. Audits must be performed by qualified professionals (defined as having a CEM, being a Professional Engineer, or having equivalent experience). Audit reports must cover multiple aspects of energy use including:
  • HVAC System Controls
  • HVAC System Efficiency and Operation
  • Building Envelope
  • Commercial Cooking (where applicable)
The energy audit will include an overview of your business's annual energy consumption and a walk through to evaluate the performance of your existing facility. This audit will encourage your business to reduce energy use by 10%. It includes an on-site inspection of your facility to identify specific issues and needs. You will be provided with:
  1. A description of the facility, including:
    1. Brief description of what type of activity occurs in the facility.
    2. Square footage.
    3. Year built.
    4. Building envelope and insulation.
    5. HVAC system, domestic hot water, commercial cooking & age.
  2. A summary of your business' annual gas consumption by month.
  3. Operation and maintenance recommendations.
  4. A brief overview of equipment replacement and projected annual energy savings.
  5. Identify applicable Empire District Gas Rebates
To apply for the audit rebate, please submit a copy of the audit with your application to the prescriptive or custom rebate program.